Monday, September 26, 2011

Model Behavior

Finally got all of the photos taken for the fall line, one month later than hoped for. Procrastination had nothing to do with the delays though - it was all work force issues. First the photographer calls with the news that the shoot will need to be delayed for 10 - 14 days, something to do with shingles, I mean I don't know why her roofing problems have to delay my shoot, but you know how artsy-types can be. Then the real drama started with those diva models, I mean really a whole weeks delay for the chicken pox? Then they were all like, "It's too cold and rainy", I tried explaining it's the Fall line - Fall is cold and rainy. Finally I was put on hold for vomit, so unprofessional, I really think I am owed way more respect than all of this, I mean I did discover them after all. But I suppose you get what you pay for, and this particular season they were paid in cookies, perhaps next season I should try donuts...

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Great Mom, Good Artist, Mediocre Homemaker, Bad Blogger

In the past 12 months I have become a  home educator, started designing my own children's clothing, adopted a three legged dog, taken two vacations, adopted a crazy little kitten, started up Relish Designs, while also somewhat keeping up with all of the pre-existing jobs my life already entailed. Through all of this I have learned a lot about myself. I am patient, I still remember most of my elementary education, I may possibly be a dog person, I love the mountains even more when they are not covered in snow, I am not the softee (crazy kitten was hubby's doing), I am capable of creating things people want - and are willing to pay for, and lastly I am not a technologically advanced life form. You see I set this blog up as a temporary stopping point to my Etsy store while I built a beautiful and functional website to run my emerging empire from, it's been three months and there is no beautiful or functional website, only a frustrated artsy-type with bags under her eyes. So, instead of treating this blog as simply a stepping stone to my Etsy and Face Book sites, I am embracing it as a tool for feedback from my much loved client base, as well as a way of keeping everyone up to date on what things I am working on. You will be hearing from me much more often, a new fall collection complete with a giveaway will be coming soon, as well as hints for styling family photos, heirloom clothing ideas, and maybe even a recipe or two if the mood strikes. That fancy website will come one day (at the hands of a paid web designer) but for now I am going to get back to what I enjoy most - sketching, sewing, and sharing.